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We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. With an unrivalled understanding of what makes a great Assistant, we are committed to cutting out the BS to give you exactly what you want and precisely what you need.


Maximising the impact we have as part of the The Assistant Room, the most trusted network for the top PA and EAs in the world, we are committed to providing the most streamlined approach to hiring top talent in the market saving you time, money and resources.


Our first priority is to deep dive into who our client is, what you represent and what your motivations and goals are. Once we have a thorough understanding of who you are and what you’re looking for, we will explore your requirements further to uncover any information that you may have underestimated as critically important from the perspective of an Assistant.


Throughout the process of helping you to secure the best talent on the market, we will ensure that you are prepared every step of the way. You will always have a clear understanding of what to expect from us from the first interaction you have with a shortlist through to issuing a successful offer.


Recruiting within the support industry should never be underestimated. We use our years of experience within the industry to effectively position your business and available roles in ways that immediately spark the interest of top talent for the right reasons.